Striking, Functional, Innovative Architecture

For well over 10 years, Auckland Architectural Design (NZ) . has been building solid professional relationships with property owners and developers throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our customers constantly call upon us to design new facilities, request our professional advice in special situations. We are constantly evaluating and researching new equipment, materials, and techniques for quality and endurance, which helps us to keep our commitment to delivering quality and cost-effective designs to our customers.

Auckland Architectural Design (NZ) has extensive experience with emerging market development needs, and on this basis, the formation of innovative design solutions. Our team has a group of excellent designers with a global vision, with an integrated team management approach that enables us to easily control the various types of design projects. The accumulation of many years of experience gives us a strong understanding of cultural, aesthetic and architectural viewpoints.

Auckland Architectural Design (NZ) and Neo Building Design (Aust) with a combined business history of over 7 years in the architectural and building industries also provides its expert services to the architectural market.

Architecture Design Awards

Winning & Finalist Entries

BDAQ Best Small Lot design
BDAQ Best New Home up to $500k
BDAQ Multi-Residential Developments over 6 units (up to 3 Levels)
RTAA Think Brick awards Nomination


ZHUODA New construction materials profeb design
HIA Best Small Lot design
BDAQ Commercial Interiors
BDAQ Best Small Lot Design
BDAQ Multi-Residential Developments over 6 units (up to 3 Levels)
BDAQ Residential Alterations $300-600k

International (Shanghai) Low Carbon Design Competition
HIA Queensland Small Lot Housing

BDAQ best Use of Engineered Timber
UDIA Qld Bora/ Awards for Excellence
– Winner of Best Small subdivision, in conjunction with Prospero Homes at DHA

BDAQ New Home over 600m2
BDAQ New Homes 251-350m2
BDAQ New Homes under 250m2
Best Use of Timber
HIA Affordable Housing
HIA Display Home
HIA Greensmart energy Efficiency
HIA Custom Designed Home over $1,000,000

Container tech office interior fit out design competition
Hobsonville urban design lid competition
BDAQ Affordable Housing
BDAQ New Home