Albany Mixed Use Development, Auckland

Our project is situated in the developing area of Albany Centre on a site of approximately 38,500m2. The areas infrastructure and amenities such as schools and an adjacent Bus Park & Ride offered the client an opportunity to develop one of the largest mixed use projects in New Zealand.

The aim of the project is to create a community within a community with retail, SOHO and dedicated office and residential components creating a place for work and play.

Boutique retail, café and restaurant communities create nightlife and a buzz to the area. Parkland and access to facilities such as gymnasiums and libraries adds the sense of community.

The main axis from the Bus Park & Ride to the opposite side of the site leading to the existing Westfield shopping area and surrounding parks provides residents and visitors with a green buffer and parkland to enjoy within the site. Many of the apartments and SOHO have direct view and access to the green areas.

There are public, semi public and private green areas throughout the site including green roofs to the apartment buildings. Wetlands provide stormwater filtration and collection for reuse on site, as well as creating a small eco culture.







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